Gadadhar Abhyudaya Prakalpa : Mental Development Activities

Activities for Mental Development:

The children are exposed to various arts & skills as per the local culture and tradition in music, drama, chanting, painting etc. Universal prayers are taught to instil national integration and to encourage holistic living. The children are also guided to practise meditation and yoga under the guidance of competent teachers.

Value Education as mentioned above, is also part of the GAP programme. The lives of great personalities in the field of literature, religion, history, and freedom movement are taught to the students to imbibe their noble qualities and sacrifice for the cause. Periodically, films on Value Education and other inspirational themes are screened to the students for exposing our national heritage and culture. The dedicated teachers of GAP are the right mentors of the children with proper attitude and awareness. Gifted with a healthy mental frame, they instil a healthy mentality into the children.

They try to help in:

– Nurturing the child,

– Imparting values in the child,

– Moulding the character of the child, and

– Teaching good habits that a child can cultivate at home.

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