All India Volunteers Orientation Camp at Belur Math – June 18th 2014

Download PDF invitation by clicking the “Volunteer Orientation Camp” 

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5 thoughts on “All India Volunteers Orientation Camp at Belur Math – June 18th 2014”

  1. Chetan Hegde M

    Namaste, Please make available all the events of the program (Audio/ Video) of the All India Volunteers Orientation camp on the website for the benefit of those Volunteers who will not be able to attend the same.
    Jai Sri Ramakrishna

  2. I am coming from Trichur Ramakrishna Math to attend the function.I will be reaching there before 12-00 on 17-6-2014.I have registered by paying Rs 50/- in the Ramakrishna Math,Puranattukara Trichur.This is for your information only.


    I wish, the proceedings of volunteers’ convention to be available online for all others to view & listen.


    This is a really motivational program.Many Rev.Maharaj & volunteer shared there valuable speech & idea. Feel very proud to be a part of this camp.Jay thakur.

  5. Pijush Das Gupta

    Namasker, I am very much eager to know the details of speeches by volunteers and Swamiji”s.
    Please make this available on web site.

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