Pictures of Devotees Convention Jan 25th and 26th, 2014 at Belur Math – Vivekananda’s 150th Celebrations

4 thoughts on “Pictures of Devotees Convention Jan 25th and 26th, 2014 at Belur Math – Vivekananda’s 150th Celebrations”

  1. Really it was an unique experience.Well organised,self-disciplined devotees , volunteers , planners ,monks,brahmcharis etc. are really admirable.Once in a life time moment ,we the group of Shri ramkrishna Yuvak Mandal,Bhuj-kutch-gujarat experienced. Congrats to all.

  2. I participated as a candidate. Our team was deeply delighted with well organised and planned programme. Dignitaries selection was also admirable. Disciplined culture of devotees and monks,brahmcharins,volunteers touched our heart.Lodging,boarding facility were marvelous, too.If lectures of bengali language to be translated or instead Hindi/English language would be highly delighted by non-bengali knowing candidates. Thanks a lot.Jay Thakur.


    Pranams To All, I Was Very Fortunate By The Grace Of Gurumaharaj To Be A Resident Delegate From Chennai Ashrama On The 25 Th And 26th Of January For The Devotees Convention, I Consider My Self Very Blessed For Having Come To Belur Math And Dakshineshwar Temple Where Gurumaharaj As An Avatara Had Walked On The Plant Earth And I Could Touch The Soil Of Belur Math With My Forehead And Eyes, It Is Every Hindus Dream To Pay Visit To Kashi, Rameshwara Or Badrinath Once During His Lifetime, But For Me By The Grace Of Gurumaharaj, I Could Visit Belur And Dakshineshwar Whcih I Consider Far More Spiritual And Blessed Than The Other Religious Places, I Offer My Body, Mind And Soul At The Holy Lotus Feet Of Gurumaharaj And Pray With A Yearning Heart For His Grace And Love To His Holy Feet, May All Of Us Be Showered With His Grace.

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